About Us

about1“Different!” — is how visitors unanimously described the futuristic pieces in the collection presented by Casanova Venezia at the 1986 Optical Trade Fair in New York City. The same powerful reactions were heard time and again around the world at every new show.

Starting with Futurism, Casanova continues to be inspired by artists and art movements of the 1900’s: the Viennese Secession, Mondrian, Miró, Kandinsky and Le Corbusier, from whose artwork many shapes and colors were borrowed.

That was then.

Today, Studio 3 Occhiali Inc. is an American group, which retained the Venetian operations, craftsmen, and the world-renowned trademarks of Casanova, Dolce Vita and Taxi, as well as some of the original founders and Custodians of the above-mentioned legacy.

This allowed a seamless transition between the original concepts and the contemporary expressions.

Now as then, our mission is to partner with the bold and the daring in their quest for self-expression through the mystique of our Venetian sensitivity. Then through whimsical architecture, now through esoteric colors, designed for and understood by the specially initiated.

Situated in Schio, a textile center located in the outskirts of Venice, Italy, the wholly owned facilities continue the design and manufacturing process, such as our trademark cloisonné application, in the same manner in which our story started three decades earlier in 1986.